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Our job and focus is all about helping you live a much more active life style, pain free. It does not matter if you have foot problems, stand on your feet for 4 hours a day or more, if you’re into sports and want to improve balance, performance and reduce injury; are into prevention and taking good care of your feet to help you enjoy your life style; or just want a great pair of stylish comfortable shoes that feel great. What makes us different is our focus on you and your individual needs and how we can help you. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you to live a more active, pain free life style. Come into a Foot Solutions store near you for a complete free holistic foot scan and analysis. This normally takes about 20 minutes – for your convenience, you can schedule an appointment or just walk into one of our stores. This is our way of giving back, a feel good experience at no cost to you!

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Foot Solutions is dedicated to helping people achieve better health from the feet up. Whether you’re a walker, a hiker and biker or a dancer Foot Solutions can help lead you toward a better healthier you. We know from experience that once you’ve experienced the Foot Solutions difference, you’ll become healthier because you’ll feel healthier. Our expert staff is highly trained to guide you toward the perfect solutions for your health and wellness goals.

Feet Aren't Suppose To Hurt

Nobody sets out to buy shoes that don’t fit right, but mistakes are easy to make. Maybe they were the perfect color…or on a sale you couldn’t pass up. Or maybe they promised good support but just didn’t come through for you.

So you end up wincing every time you stand up – and possibly causing serious problems to your feet and other parts of your body. There’s simply no substitute for shoes and accessories that fit your feet and your lifestyle.

Shoes that fit right and give you the support you need can end the pressure, pinching, and rubbing that lead to painful conditions like bunions, blisters and heel pain. And, if you already have problems like these – or other conditions like hammer toes, arch strain or overlapping toes – they can help ease the pain.

Customer Success Stories

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Climbing The Matterhorn

Thanks to Foot Solutions, I completed an arduous trek that began at Mont Blanc and ended at the Matterhorn in the Italian Alps to celebrate my 60th birthday with friends and family. I hiked nearly 100 miles despite a medical condition that led to numbness and tingling in my feet.”

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Sarah -10km Race

For Sarah B., completing the Plymouth 10K Race for Life for the first time in her life was the final step in a journey to end chronic pain that began more than nine years ago for the previously active mother.

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Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Your feet are the foundation for your entire body and bear all of your body weight. You walk on them. You run on them. You stand on them. If your feet are not aligned properly, the rest of your body will be out of alignment as well.

Ordinary Flip Flops And Pain

Wearing ordinary flip-flops, particularly for prolonged periods of time, can lead to a variety of foot conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to Achilles tendonitis. Even worse, flip-flops can have potentially long term effects on your musculo skeletal system.

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Find Your Store to Speak to a Foot Solutions Expert

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