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John Prothro, CEO -- Foot Solutions

Work for yourself, but not by yourself

Since our founding in 2000, Foot Solutions has supported entrepreneurs who want to invest in a proven brand and control their own destiny. Economically, the Foot Solutions business model offers franchisees a well-balanced lifestyle, a reliable return on investment, and exceptional profitability. But–beyond the economic benefits–our franchisees have the opportunity to serve their neighbors by keeping them healthy and comfortably on their feet.

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We are committed to supporting and building our exceptional and trusted brand.

Our management is committed to investing energy, capital, and professionalism into developing the franchise network and boosting support for the franchisees.

With a commitment to adding value to franchisees, the new ownership group is focused on the continued development of an exceptional brand. With our expert, caring service, custom product line, and medical focus (in our US locations only, many of our stores bill Medicare and private insurance through our in-house medical billing team), we are well-positioned in the health and wellness market. Further, our specialty retail niche is insulated against Internet sales pressure as well as competitors offering inferior services.

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The Ideal Franchise Candidate

Foot Solutions provides franchisees with intensive initial and ongoing training as well as operational and marketing support. However, operating a Foot Solutions is more complex than many other franchised businesses. While our complexity differentiates us in the market, it also necessitates we only sell franchises to individuals and operating groups that can maintain the quality and competency our brand requires. In short, we will only grant a franchise territory to persons we are convinced—after deliberate analysis and intensive consideration—will be successful in the system.

Successful franchisees will possess and/or employ persons with the following traits:

  • An ongoing desire to learn new skills
  • An ability to build and maintain a referral network in the medical community
  • An ability to understand and distill complex medical topics into simple language
  • An understanding of retail operations and inventory management
  • A motivation to serve and help people
  • An ability to sell with confidence


Why Foot Solutions

A potential franchisee has many options from which to choose. An investment in Foot Solutions means an investment in the following:

  • Ideal economic characteristics

    Foot Solutions locations are generally run by two to four staff members and are typically housed in 900-1500 square feet. Low fixed costs and minimum overhead requirements combined with high-margin products reduce risk and increase upside potential.

  • Attractive market dynamics

    Our position as the one-stop-shop for foot wellness means we serve the health-conscious consumer as well as the growing population of those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and osteoarthritis. Our target market therefore spans both health and wellness enthusiasts as well as individuals suffering from foot, ankle, knee, and back pain.

  • Unique offering

    Our privately labeled, custom orthotics and high-end premium inserts can only be purchased through Foot Solutions franchised locations, and our expert, caring service cannot be replicated by the Internet.

  • Insulation from retail pressure

    Foot Solutions’ staff have a recognized expertise in foot wellness, giving them the ability to sell a niche medical crossover product that can be imitated but not replicated by the Internet.

  • Strong brand

    With 20+ years of brand development and locations throughout the globe, the Foot Solutions brand is well-known.

  • Exceptional support

    Our corporate support is remarkable in the franchising industry. We are committed to the success of our franchisees through best-in-class operational, training, and marketing support.

  • Clear differentiation from competition

    Foot Solutions is known for its caring, thorough attention to its customers and expert service. No other company is in a better position to serve the growing market for foot wellness products and services. (A brief comparison of our competition is below)

  • Commitment of ownership

    The franchisor was purchased in February 2020 by a group of private investors committed to prudent growth strategies, marketing excellence, and a culture of service to the franchisees.

  • Proprietary products

    The ownership group is committed to differentiating the Foot Solutions brand through acquisition of exclusive licenses and product lines only sold through the Foot Solutions network. Read all about our first acquisition here.

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The Foot Solutions Difference

No other franchise or private business is better positioned in the foot wellness industry.

Own a Foot Solutions
  • Running Stores

    Unqualifed Associates

    Technology Used to Sell Rather Than Analyze

    Not Focused on Foot Wellness

  • Medical Offices

    Long Wait Times

    Hurried Appointments

  • Mass Produced Pre-made Insoles

    Inferior Construction

    Lack Durability and Support

    Technology Used to Sell Rather Than Analyze

  • Comfort Footwear Stores

    Lack Custom Options

    Unlikely to Employ Certified Specialists

    Reputation for Selling Unfashionable Brands

  • Other Retail Insole Companies

    Unlikely to Offer Truly Custom Orthotics

    Known for High Pressure Selling

    High Pricing Sustained Only by Aggressive Marketing

  • Local/Regional Copycat Stores

    Lack Strength and Quality of National Brand

    High Prices Required without Group Buying Power

    Brand Strength Resides Entirely in Owner’s Reputation

Listen to a Conversation between our CEO and VP of Strategic Growth

Conversation with Bryan Scott of Foot Solutions

How We Help in Action

Are you the next Foot Solutions success story?

Foot Solutions is a proven business model with 20 years of experience and an exciting future ahead. If you are interested in being part of our growth as a business owner, we would love to hear from you.

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