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  • Trusted by the medical community, serving thousands of referrals each year.
  • Expert curated healthy footwear selection from global brands.
  • Real custom orthotics–more effective and precise than off-the-shelf insoles and arch supports.
  • Rigorous training of employees in foot health and biomechanics.
  • 3D printed orthotics made in house with environmentally-friendly manufacturing.
  • Caring, expert service focused on solutions rather than sales.

Improve Balance. Correct Alignment. Relieve Pain.

We are experts in foot wellness focused on improving health and relieving pain through healthy footwear and real custom orthotics. When you visit a Foot Solutions retail location, you will receive a comprehensive foot and gait analysis. Using state of the art technology, we map your feet and examine in great detail the areas in which imbalance needs correcting or additional support is required.

Based on this analysis and, when appropriate, your physician’s instructions, we produce real custom orthotics to match with healthy footwear we help you select. This service creates optimal body alignment as well as alleviates foot and joint pain.

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We Own Foot Wellness

Our foot experts are trained to keep your feet happy and healthy with real custom orthotics and healthy footwear.

Caring for your feet does more than alleviate foot pain. Proper foot care improves quality of life by helping your back, knees, and hips function properly.

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Your feet are unique and so is our service. We combine the latest technology with a personalized service to keep you happy and healthy on your feet.

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