Season 2, Episode 9: Conquering Life with Diabetes

On this episode of the Get Aligned podcast, Bryan is sitting down with his former NFL teammate, Kendall Simmons. Kendall is a former NFL player and 2X Super Bowl champion. Now Kendall is an Offensive Analyst and O Line assistant at the University of Auburn. With November being Diabetes Awareness Month, Kendall is sharing all about his battle with diabetes. Plus he discusses his experiences in the NFL and life after football. You don’t want to miss these valuable life lessons from Kendall’s inspiring story!

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • Why Kendall chose to play at Auburn University
  • Kendall’s NFL draft day story
  • Both of Kendall’s Super Bowl experiences
  • Kendall’s personal experience with Diabetes
  • What inspired him to become an advocate for diabetes awareness
  • How Kendall engages with the community to promote diabetes education and awareness
  • The importance of early detection and prevention when it comes to diabetes
  • How diabetes affects the feet
  • Managing diabetes after being an athlete
  • The importance of mental health and emotional well-being 

Mentioned in this Episode:

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