Season 2, Episode 6: Breaking Down the Difference Between Arch Supports, Insoles, and Custom Orthotics

On today’s episode of the Get Aligned Podcast Bryan is chatting with April Wilson. April is a graduate of Guilford College where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in sports medicine and athletic training. She is a licensed physical therapist assistant, with over 20 years of clinical experience. Now she serves as the National Clinical Educator in Foot Care for Medi USA. Listen in as April breaks down the difference between arch supports, insoles, custom orthotics, and which one is best for your feet!

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • What inspired April’s interest in the field of footcare
  • What are arch supports?
  • What are over the counter insoles?
  • What is a custom orthotic?
  • How long you can expect insoles to last 
  • How long to wear your insoles in your shoe
  • Common misconceptions about the feet
  • Tips & tricks to optimize your foot health
  • April’s opinion on the barefoot phenomenon

Mentioned in this Episode:

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