Season 2, Episode 3: Common Foot Injuries for Athletes

On today’s episode of the Get Aligned Podcast Bryan is chatting with Dr. James Connelly. James is a physical therapist based in North Atlanta, where he focuses on providing top quality physical therapy by utilizing evidenced-informed practice and client values. Listen in as Bryan and James chat about the most common foot injuries for athletes, how to help prevent them, and Bryan’s personal experience with turf toe. 

What You’ll Hear in this Episode:

  • How James got into Physical Therapy
  • The most common foot injuries that James sees for athletes
  • Bryan’s personal experience with turf toe
  • What causes turf toe and how to prevent it
  • What is plantar fasciitis?
  • How most people don’t realize plantar fasciitis can be related to the calf muscle 

Mentioned in this Episode:

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