The Foot Solutions Difference

Medical and Orthopedic Shoe Stores:

These stores have knowledgeable people and products that could help you, but the products they normally offer are ugly and most customers don’t want to be seen in them. On the other hand, some comfort shoes stores have very comfortable and attractive shoes that feel and look great, but are usually only short term solutions for most of the customers and don’t solve the real problem.

Does Softer Mean Better?

Have you ever slept on a down feather bed mattress? You sink into the mattress, so soft like sleeping on a cloud, but after a week your body aches. Why? Because there’s not enough support. The same goes for shoes and inserts. Soft feels good at first, but does not have the needed support to solve your problem. Remember, your feet were designed to walk on hard uneven surfaces, without shoes.

Best of Both Worlds

The Foot Solutions concept has merged the best from both worlds offering unique quality products that look and feel great, based on a complete in store knowledgeable analysis of your unique feet for free.

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The Difference Between Foot Solutions and other shoe stores.

Foot Solutions VS Good Feet:

The Good Feet stores focus on selling a premade arch support. An “off-the-shelf” pre-fabricated arch support may help some problems for some of the people. Since everyone’s feet are unique and different, picking something off the shelf  isn’t really the answer. The real difference between Foot Solutions is the customized recommendations you receive from our Pedorthic Foot Experts. Although we do carry a complete range of premade arch supports, our specialty is true custom made arch supports made right here in the USA in our own lab. You can rest assured that your custom arch supports are made specifically for your uniquely shaped feet. Combine that with an extensive line up of fashionable comfort footwear, and you’ll get a total solution designed to provide you ultimate comfort and freedom from pain.

What about “Pharmacy Over the Counter Inserts?”

It doesn’t matter if “you’re gelling,” if the insert isn’t the right solution and proper support for your feet. Anything that you purchase that is pre-made and off the shelf is not designed for your specific foot and particular issues. Foot Solutions custom inserts are made from scratch from either a traditional cast of your foot or a computer scan. It is an extensive process and combines today’s technology as well as detailed craftsmanship. You can’t get this type of personalized attention for your unique feet from a Doctor whose name is on an “over the counter” insert.

At Foot Solutions we focus on holistic non-invasive solutions to make you feel better and to allow you to maintain a more active life style. In fact, many medical professionals recommend that their patients come to Foot Solutions. Because they know our people are properly trained and we will take care of their patients.

Foot Solutions vs Online Websites.

If you are looking for a cheap solution and ok with guessing at what the right solution might  be for you, and then hoping you made the right choice, then the internet isn’t a bad option. However, if you want to make sure your feet feel their best, and you want to get it right; then choose Foot Solutions. The foot is very complex and without doing an onsite computer scan of your foot and a complete foot and gait analysis, we can’t properly assess your particular issues and know how to best help you. This is a free service, no purchase necessary. This is also why we do not sell online.

Find Your Store to Speak to a Foot Solutions Expert

Find Your Store to Speak to a Foot Solutions Expert

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Walk away from Pain

Our job and focus is all about you to help you live a much more active life style, pain free. It does not matter if you have foot problems, stand on your feet for 4 hours a day or more; if you’re into sports and want to improve balance, performance and reduce injury; are into prevention and taking good care of your feet to help you enjoy your life style; or just want a great pair of stylish comfortable shoes that feel great.

What makes us different is our focus on you and how we can help you meet  your individual needs. We have helped hundreds of thousands of people just like you to live a more active pain free life style.

Come into a Foot Solutions store near you for a complete free holistic foot scan and analysis. This normally takes about 20 minutes – for your convenience, you can schedule an appointment or just walk into one of our stores. This is our way of giving back, a feel good experience at no cost to you!

Feet Aren't Supposed To Hurt

Nobody sets out to buy shoes that don’t fit right, but mistakes are easy to make. Maybe they were the perfect color…or on a sale you couldn’t pass up. Or maybe they promised good support but just didn’t come through for you.

So you end up wincing every time you stand up – and possibly causing serious problems to your feet and other parts of your body. There’s simply no substitute for shoes and accessories that fit your feet and your lifestyle.

Shoes that fit right and give you the support you need can end the pressure, pinching, and rubbing that lead to painful conditions like bunions, blisters and heel pain. If you already have problems like these – or other conditions like hammer toes, arch strain or overlapping toes – they can help ease the pain.