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What can Foot Solutions do for you?

At Foot Solutions, we do just what our name says; we provide solutions. Whether you have bunions, hammertoes, fallen arches or just plain tired, aching feet (or knees, hips or back,) our staff of skilled fitting professionals will be able to help. During your initial consultation we’ll use computerized scanning technology as well as perform a gait analysis, and foot evaluation to determine exactly what is going on with your feet. With a broad range of footwear and the most innovative Perfetto™ arch supports and custom inserts on the market today, we’ll come up with a solution for minimizing or alleviating your foot and foot-related pain and discomfort.

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Don’t Let Foot Pain Slow You Down

At Foot Solutions, we understand the science of foot pain. Specializing in personalized assessments, stylish high-performance footwear, custom-fitted, custom-crafted arch supports and accessories, we have worked with industry leaders from around the world to perfect our total pain solution. When you visit a Foot Solutions, you’re not just visiting a shoe store, you’re visiting a team of certified, trained professionals who can evaluate your feet and help you with treatment options. As the leader in pedorthic care, Foot Solutions can help you not only rid yourself of pain but also improve your wellness and overall health. Moreover, we have been endorsed by the Academy of Pedorthic science and our programs are accredited by the National Commission of Orthotic and Prosthetic Education.

Don’t let aches and pains slow you down! If you fit into one of the following categories, take note of some common issues that could put you out of commission.


Walkers who frequently walk on hills often suffer from Achilles Tendonitis, which manifests itself as tightness and pain in the lower calf muscles. Ice massage, calf stretches and proper rest will help. If possible, try switching to a softer surface to walk on. A shock-absorbing heel cradle will be able to provide some extra support, which will take pressure off the Achilles tendon.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers might be surprised to realize that many in their age group are wearing the wrong size shoes. Feet change with age; it’s important to be fitted occasionally rather than sticking with the sizes you have worn in the past. Foot Solutions provides a complimentary holistic foot analysis to make sure we’re suggesting just the right shoe.

Workout Fanatics

People who are dedicated to fitness often suffer from pain felt below the knee cap, known as Runner’s Knee. This happens as a result from insufficient rest between exercising. Custom arch supports and properly fitted shoes will allow you to maintain balance and keep your body in proper alignment, which should help. Allowing your muscles to heal during downtime is also an ideal way to prevent this discomfort.


If you wear pointy-toed, high heel shoes your feet will make you pay for your footwear choices. Bunions, which are prominent bumps on the inside of the foot near the big toe joint, are a sign that the bones of the big toe are actually moving towards the other toes. The solution: begin wearing shoes with a wider toe box.

The Foot Solutions Experience

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Your feet are unique, they are the foundation of life. At Foot Solutions, we use the latest biomechanical technology to evaluate every customer that comes through our door.

The Foot Solutions Difference

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Wide feet? Narrow Feet? Flat feet? High arches? No problem! We know that no two feet are the same. That’s why Foot Solutions is dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit.

Our Highly Trained Staff

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Certified Pedorthists perform a comprehensive evaluation of your feet. Next, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to map the sole of your foot allowing us to see in great detail

Testimonial and Reviews

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“The knowledge base of my fitter and his attention to detail were superb. The focused one-to-one interaction is reassuring. I wish I would have come here three months ago…”