Custom Perfetto Inserts and Arch Supports

Your feet are your foundation. Just like a house, if your body’s foundation is out of alignment, everything else will be too. Poor foot function can create pain in your ankles, knees, hips, back, and even your neck. For many people, the solution is can be as simple as getting the right arch support in your shoe. At Foot Solutions, we go far beyond the garden variety of over the counter supports you’ll find lining the shelves at your local drug store. Our trained foot professionals will examine your feet using state-of-the-art technology to create a custom Perfetto™ arch support modeled after your own foot. Perfettos™ provide full, custom corrected arch support so that the foot acts in the correct way, improving the posture of the feet, hips, knees and back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In your lifetime you will walk over 100,000 miles, which is equivalent to walking around the world more than 4 times. Caring for your feet with our custom Perfetto™ inserts has been shown to improve the overall structural health of your feet.

Our custom made inserts are specially crafted supportive devices that fit into your shoe and support your feet. When properly fit in your shoes, the insert acts as an interface between the foot, the shoe, and the ground. There are various methods of making inserts and results can vary depending on the methods and materials used. It is important that the correct design and support is chosen for your particular foot shape, problem and use. Foot Solutions Perfettos™ are designed for the absolute best fit.

A Foot Solutions Fit expert will scan or take a cast of your foot. The scanner transfers a digital file for immediate fabrication in our US based lab in Atlanta, GA. The foot casting method takes a little longer because the impression is mailed off for fabrication. Either way, your inserts will be ready in just a few days so you can begin feeling better in no time.

No. Custom Inserts are designed to fit into most shoes, especially shoes with removable insoles. A good quality supportive shoe that fits well is a plus to every custom insert fitting. Shoes with removable insoles are usually the best for holding the full length insert. You may want a ¾ length pair for dress shoes as well.

Perfetto’s are supportive devices which are placed inside footwear to change the mechanical function and posture of the feet, knees, hips, and back. They work dynamically during weight-bearing activities such as walking, running and standing. Ideally, they should provide full, custom and corrected arch contact so that the foot works in a biomechanically correct way. Foot Solutions Perfetto’s offer full-arch contact and accommodative support calibrated for your weight and foot type. The reason is simple. Perfetto’s are complex to produce because they must change the way your foot works and be comfortable at the same time. Many other supports are either simply cushioned pads or give a small, inadequate arch support lacking individual customization to your foot. They may feel comfortable, but by failing to actually correct faulty foot mechanics. They will not prevent the painful deformities or conditions that much of the population commonly suffer from.

The foot is designed to unlock, or pronate, when it hits the ground for shock absorption and to conform to variable surfaces. It must then re-stiffen (lock), or supinate, for efficient leverage as the body is propelled forward onto the next step. When either of these phases is excessive or out-of-sync, the foot has a faulty mechanical function. 90% or more of the population, over-pronate; their arches flatten too much (flat feet) and do not re-stiffen enough for efficient propulsion. Approximately 4% of people over supinate, meaning their arch structure is high and rigid. In this instance, the problem is poor shock absorption and weight-bearing pressure is concentrated in only a few spots. Perfetto’s are designed to help correct both pronation as well as supination.

• Pain and deformities in the feet • Bunions, heel pain / plantar fasciitis, calluses and hammer toes • Pain in the ankles, knees, hips and back • Arthritis of the joints, especially in the big toe • Poor Posture and balance problems

Yes. If the problem is caught early enough, pain and deformity can often be prevented. Regular use of these unique supports can often reverse deformity development or, at least, prevent surgery. How? Because when you restore normal foot function, your body receives what it needs to heal itself. A typical arch support only masks your symptoms temporarily, until further deformity eventually worsens your condition. Any other necessary treatments or therapies are more effective and last longer when healthy foot function restored.

That will depend on the following: How advanced the condition, flexibility of the deformity (if one is present), your age and general health. For most people, significant relief is experienced within weeks of regular use. At most, it may take a few months. Your Foot Solutions fitting professional can address questions specific to your needs.

In order to understand how Perfettos can help your athletic performance, an understanding of basic foot function is necessary. Your feet are your interface with the ground, and made up of a complex system of bones and joints that are a major contributor to shock absorption and propulsion. The shock absorption component comes into play when your foot hits the ground. The propulsion phase occurs while you are pushing off and using your foot as a firm lever to propel you forward. These are two very different functions with different biomechanical requirements. During the shock absorption phase, your foot must be relatively pliable and mobile. During the propulsion phase, your foot must regain structural integrity or stiffness for mechanical efficiency. This is a beautiful system design but even small inefficiencies in this system can produce detrimental effects on performance including injury and poor propulsion. Conversely, even small improvements in this system can have a positive effect on performance measurements such as balance, power and speed.

An arch support needs to provide a firm level for propulsion while allowing for shock absorption and terrain adaptation. This need is greatly magnified in athletes. Whether you are on a bike, in running shoes, or in ski boots, your foot is always working on shock absorption and propulsion. To assist in these functions, a foot arch support needs to be properly calibrated to your weight, foot flexibility and activity level. Different athletes and sports require different arch support sizes and properties, but all require the same biomechanical control and function. Foot Solutions Perfetto Custom Inserts address both of these needs perfectly. They are based on a completely new and unique model of correction and arch support design.

This depends on how you would like to approach your training. Would you like to only worry about injuries after they happen or cause a reduction in your training? Or would you like to have a more proactive mindset when it comes to your health and performance? We are experts in things such as: shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome and patellar tracking dysfunction. Inefficiencies in foot function can cause sub-clinical problems (meaning that they haven’t yet shown up as a symptom.) It makes sense to correct these problems before they have a chance to cause tissue breakdown and injury. There are two ways to look at sports performance and injury:

  1. You can react to over-use injuries with ice, anti-inflammatory medications, braces, rest and surgeries. OR
  2. You can prevent these injuries with the use of a device that helps your foot perform more efficiently.

Most “custom” arch supports are made based on out-dated theories that do not significantly change foot function or take into account the demands of the modern athlete. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, these arch supports usually end up as expensive soft cushions or hard-as-rock braces that are respectively either ineffective or too uncomfortable for aggressive use. Whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, your foot is unique and requires specific calibration for the right mix of flex and firmness. This is the real custom factor absent in standard “custom” arch supports. With Perfetto, we have put the years into re-thinking and re-designing custom arch supports. We know how much extra work it takes to make a device that actually delivers on promises. We love that we can offer a competitive edge to athletes that depend on powerful feet. We are excited to have an increasing number of professional athletes who are using our device to gain a competitive advantage.

“My Feet Are Killing Me!”

Have you muttered that complaint more times than you can remember? If you’re ready to do something about the pain, you’re ready to visit Foot Solutions.

One quarter of the bones in your body are located in your feet, and your feet are the foundation and support for the rest of your body. If you are experiencing foot, ankle, knee, lower back or shoulder pain, it very well may stem from a problem with your feet.

A properly fitted, supportive shoe, combined with the right arch and foot support, can put your feet in balance, and in turn, improve the alignment of the rest of your body. At Foot Solutions, our highly trained specialists will fit you with shoes and inserts designed to address your particular foot shape and problems.