Comfort Shoes and Sandals

From walking and running to hiking and working on your feet all day, the wide range of stylish comfort footwear at Foot Solutions can meet your every need while providing the style and comfort you deserve.

Do you have wide feet, narrow feet, flat feet or high arches? No one else has feet exactly like yours; even your own left and right foot are unique and different. That’s why Foot Solutions is dedicated to finding the perfect fit for each individual. Foot Solutions carries one of the widest selections of versatile, stylish comfort footwear, including sandals, loafers, oxfords, boots and more to address your unique challenges and meet all of your needs, from casual, work and dress to athletic, therapeutic and medical. We carry the most comfortable shoes that are available in full and 1/2 sizes and come in variable widths.

We carry shoes with different shaped molds to fit almost any foot type. And, yes, we can even make modifications to shoes to fit your needs. Foot Solutions offers custom-fitted, custom-crafted arch supports as well as ready-to-wear inserts that help to distribute weight and pressure more evenly across your foot while improving your balance and posture. When you combine this with the right comfort or performance sock, you’ll have the total solution to help you feel great.

Whether you walk, run, golf, hike or simply spend a lot of time on your feet, Foot Solutions offers you a variety of options to make anything you do more comfortable and enjoyable.

Let us do a quick sizing check and analysis of your foot and flex points and get you into a shoe designed and shaped to support your special unique feet.

We carry a stylish selection of comfort boots for work or play, and Foot Solutions brings you the latest dress, casual and active wear that delivers optimal performance and style.

When it comes to ultimate comfort, at Foot Solutions you’ll find plenty of choices to provide you with the support and performance your feet need and the look that you want.

At Foot Solutions, our fit experts specialize in finding the perfect fit for each of your feet. With our range of brands and solutions, no foot is too narrow, wide, large or small to accommodate.

Feel the Difference

Shoes are not supposed to hurt when you wear them. Almost everyone has experienced foot pain and could not wait to get those painful shoes off their feet. When you purchase a pair of shoes they should not only look good, but provide comfort for as long as you are wearing them.

How a shoe is crafted, what materials are used in the product and ultimately the design and function of the shoe make a big impact on how comfortable a shoe is. Even a small strap on a sandal, if in the wrong place for your foot shape, will cause you a great deal of pain in that one area.

So at Foot Solutions we work with shoe manufacturers around the world searching for those unique products that provide that WOW! moment the minute we put them on your feet. Whether you walk to be healthy, have foot issues,  stand on your feet all day or just want to look and feel great, stop in to a Foot Solutions near you and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

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