Your Perfect Foot Solution

Whether you have wide feet, narrow feet or conditions such as bunions or corns, we’ve got the perfect solutions for you. Our complete pain solution is a systematic process of accommodating every feature of your foot. So, what makes the perfect foot solution? Because your feet are unique, just as fingerprints are unique, finding the perfect combination can be a challenge, not at Foot Solutions. Each of our products from our custom-crafted body aligning inserts to our extensive range of fashionable comfort shoes are designed to work in unison to make up the perfect total body pain solution. Our exclusive brand of inserts aptly named “Perfetto”, the italian word for “perfect”, are hand crafted to fit perfectly inside of any pair of comfort shoes we sell. Additionally, brands such as Finn Comfort feature removable footbeds which allow for the use of custom or accommodative inserts…everything in unison, everything having a specific purpose.

The Foot Solutions
Holistic Foot Analysis

When visiting a Foot Solutions store, you’ll get the red carpet treatment. Our in-store process begins with a comprehensive, completely holistic analysis of your feet.

Every Foot
is Unique

Just like fingerprints, every foot is different. Even your two feet will differ slightly; in fact it’s very common that one might be larger than the other

Personalized and Customized Solution for You

Whether it’s a toe pad under the fourth metatarsal or an accommodative depression in the footbed, our total pain solutions ease your foot pain