Foot Solutions Holistic Foot Analysis

When visiting a Foot Solutions store, you’ll get the red carpet treatment. Our in-store process begins with a comprehensive, completely holistic analysis of your feet. Our certified professionals will evaluate every inch of your feet from the toes to the heel, all the while making mental notes of the visible inconsistences noticed. During this process, our staff will look for evidence of underlying foot conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and even diabetic related neuropathy or ulcers. Then, we use state-of-the-art technology to scan the sole of the feet to map out where support is missing and is needed. These scans are then sent to our lab where they are evaluated by a team of mapping specialists who will create a computer generated pattern that will be the basis for your custom inserts.


High heels put a great deal of pressure on the balls of your feet. The tendency is to want to cushion that area, but that actually puts more pressure on this area. A metatarsal arch support or orthotic insert will support the arch behind the ball of your foot and take pressure off your forefoot. Foot Solutions offers several types, so bring in your uncomfortable shoes and we can help. Many of our heels have metatarsal supports built into them.

If your foot doesn’t have the proper support it can throw your body out of alignment causing poor posture, pain or balance issues that can lead to falls. Our goal is to find the solution that helps you achieve a neutral, functioning position or what we call “perfect body alignment” by aligning your joints and spine with the best weight distribution while you are on your feet.