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The arch supports that I was advised to get have really helped my foot pain. I had a great experience and will definitely come back!
Alexa Stroud
The shoes I purchased have been such a blessing to my feet! I felt the service was wonderful.
Alma Culp
I love the service and the shoes are amazing!.
My feet are very happy that I made my purchases - back to walking without pain.
“The Chung Shi selection of Mary Jane style shoes has saved my feet. I work retail and am on my feet all day. After suffering plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia for years, these shoes have helped eliminate those conditions and allowed me to work without foot pain.”
“I appreciate Foot Solutions' high-quality products and trustworthy professional counseling. The bottom line is that it works better than any foot pain solution I have tried before.”
“This whole experience was personalized and the selection was amazing! I never in a million years thought I would be able to wear HEELS with the needs of my feet.”
"I wouldn't be able to do my job without the custom inserts and shoes you sell. I'm on my feet for 8hrs/day and Foot Solutions has become the ONLY solution I use. I no longer spend my work hours in pain."
“The products are phenomenal, but the reason I will continue to do business with the Acworth Foot Solutions is because of the owners. They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to do what ever it takes to satisfy me and make my feet happy. I love the Dunham hikers I got from them recently and honestly don't know how I ever lived without a pair of padded arch supports. I highly recommend Foot Solutions of Acworth.”
My feet are no longer hurting and I love the socks.
Brenda Anderson
"The arch support inserts made for me have literally changed my life. In the past five years, I have gone from barely being able to walk when I get out of bed, crying with pain during my work day, from back pain, leg and hip pain, to going through my day pain free, and working out and exercising daily. I recommend Foot Solutions to everyone I know and those who choose to visit Foot Solutions to get inserts say it has changed their lives as well. Mike and Rosie are great at accommodating any needs I have and working with my schedule for appointments. They are a very professional and caring couple."
Made my feet feel fantastic  
David Robinson
“My feet feel like they are in heaven. For the first time in two years my feet woke up pain free after one day of wearing my new shoes. Thank you!”
“The store carries a good variety of high quality products and the customer service was above and beyond. Julie spent a great deal of time with me making sure that I got the best fitting shoes possible. I will certainly be coming back.”
“I love the customer service and the shoes suggested for me made my heel pain basically disappear. I was in pain for over two years taking a lot of pain medications to battle the pain and stay active. Now I don't take any pain meds for my feet or leg pain because there isn't any PAIN!!! I brought my husband in because he is diabetic with nerve pain in his legs and feet. Foot Solutions suggested some shoes and now I hear a lot less complaining from him as well. I have referred friends to Foot Solutions because I believe in their products and service. Thanks!”
“I appreciated the personal attention given to me from the minute I walked in until I walked out. The new shoes made me feel like I was walking on a cloud completely joint and muscle pain free. Thank you.”
“It's nice that the staff always remembers me when I walk in the door, and my custom orthotic inserts have changed my life. It's amazing how they have helped with my foot pain.”
They were very helpful on my foot pain
Doug Young
“I was especially impressed with the service I received from Foot Solutions. I expected to need an insert in my shoe due to past plantar fasciitis, but I was told that I may not need it due to the support features of the shoes I had just purchased from Foot Solutions. This gave me confidence that they are not merely interested in the bottom line, but in doing what is best for their customers. My feet have felt good ever since, and I have finally found a place I trust near where I live!”
“Foot Solutions has an excellent staff with exceptional customer service. After suffering from chronic knee pain for months, I stopped in and am so glad I did. With my new stylish shoes my knee pain was gone in just a couple of weeks. This is definitely my go-to shoe store!”
“Foot Solutions shoes are good for people who stand on their feet all day and they still look good. I love my new shoes. I had several compliments on them. Thanks!”
Excellent service and I finally have some pain relief in my right foot. I have already recommended your store to family members.  
Eva Fuller
“Foot Solutions offers super customer service and the staff is very knowledgeable about product. I wish I had gone to Foot Solutions first instead of a podiatrist. I could have saved myself some money.”
“I found great shoes that address my foot pain issues in stylish designs and a friendly, accommodating staff.”
I already have mentioned Foot Solutions to many people that come to the gym where I work. I like the time you take to fit the right shoe for the person  
Gary Hertzler
“I appreciate the old fashioned hands on help from Mike and Tony. They take the time to ensure the customer is satisfied. You don't find that in other shoe stores. They will also keep your information on file to help you when it's time for another pair. Where else will you find that? I'm a customer for life!”
“I had no idea that the most likely cause of my nine-month bout with achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and bone spurs was the fact that I was completely flat footed. In less than five minutes from the time I walked in Foot Solutions my problem was discovered, and within an hour I was walking out the door with no pain! Thank you!”
“The service was just great! Rob helped me out more than my foot doctor did when I was suffering for the last 4-5 years with foot pain and could hardly walk without taking pills for pain. Thanks again for all the help!”
“Trying to find a solution to my on-and-off hip pain, my massage therapist suggested Foot Solutions. It was an experience I'll never forget. The minute I walked in the foot experts were friendly and genuinely attentive. Mimi was very informative. She worked with me for about an hour and a half. Finally, I tried on a sneaker with arch support inserts and my hip pain disappeared! It's a miracle!!! I bought three pairs of shoes. This is just the first day and I feel great. Looking forward to more pain free days! Thanks!”
The knowledge and personal attention given to me. The shoes and inserts recommended have made my feet feel so much better
Janet Stephens
“The knowledge base of my fitter and his attention to detail were superb. The focused one-to-one interaction is reassuring. I wish I would have come here three months ago, skipping some other therapies and saving needless pain, time and money.”
I like the excellent quality shoes in extra, extra wide widths.
I like the excellent quality shoes in extra, extra wide widths.
“Working in retail and on my feet all the time good shoes have always been essential to me, but as I get older I find I need more comfort. The shoes I recently purchased at Foot Solutions provide the comfort I need without giving up on style.”
Wearing the proper fitting shoes helped us relieve pain and trips to the chiropractor.
“I am delighted with Ed, his knowledge of foot issues, his knowledge of products that will help with podiatric problems and with the entire experience at Foot Solutions. It is a pleasure to walk in the door and it is even more delightful to "walk" out without the pain I was having before I entered the store.”
Having a problem foot, and working at a job where I stand 8 hours a day, Foot Solutions has helped to alleviate my situation, and make it more tolerable.
Jody Sweeney
“Foot Solutions has always been very professional and has gone the extra mile to satisfy their customers. I made a mistake and tried another brand and was very disappointed; then I rushed back to Foot Solutions to get the product that works best for me. Thanks to the owner, my feet feel so much better. Thanks again!”
It's simple --- they help my feet feel better when I walk and therefore I can be more active…. the lady that helped me was very knowledgeable and friendly.  
Judie Husch
“We were very impressed with the experience and expertise of the fitting specialist, and her dedication to serving our needs. We were extremely pleased with the overall quality of the new shoes and the custom orthotic inserts. They have literally changed our lives - our feet feel the best they have in years!”
I do not even look for shoes anywhere else. The styles are cute and super comfy.
“Sara is great!!! She has always helped me and has been very knowledgeable about the product line. I appreciate her wonderful attitude and customer service skills. She is the reason why I have continued to shop and buy at Foot Solutions.”
“The service was excellent! I was completely cared for in a knowledgeable and compassionate way. Karen did a complete analysis of my gait and foot structure as well as how much standing/walking I'd be doing and on what surface. She took into account my budget and fitted me with a great pair of Brooks with insoles. She counseled me on breaking them in and told me to come back if I had any problems. I left the store with my new shoes on and went to do errands with friends. They immediately noticed my posture, stance and gait and were amazed at the difference! I was only supposed to wear them for four hours, but got swept up with the activities of the day and didn't take them off till bedtime. This is the first time in a year that I've climbed into bed WITHOUT lower back, leg, knee and foot pain! It's incredible what a difference the right pair of properly fitted shoes can do for overall body comfort and health! Thank you, Foot Solutions!”
I like the service, the friendly atmosphere and the knowledge of the retailer.
“The personalized service makes all the difference. My feet were correctly measured and I explained the pain in my feet. After trying on several pairs of shoes I happily purchased sandals that were extremely comfortable. To my amazement, after wearing my new sandals for a few hours I was no longer feeling pain in my feet when I walked. I would definitely recommend Foot Solutions...just as my sister recommended them to me.”
“Foot Solutions is thorough in its assessment of potential or current problems that your customers might be experiencing with their feet and offering solutions.”
The shoes bring comfort to my feet.
The shoes I purchased provide the support necessary for my arthritis, while also being fashionable.
The shoes I purchased provide the support necessary for my arthritis, while also being fashionable.
“The shoes at Foot Solutions are the only ones I have found that I can wear that don't cause me to have foot/knee/hip or back pain. Amazingly, there are also plenty that don't look like what my grandmother wore. Equally important is the service I receive. The information given to me about my feet and feet in general, along with a lot of patience, allow me to make informed decisions so I end up with comfortable shoes.”
“I love the wide variety of shoes and sandals that you carry. The services that you provide for your customers are wonderful. Thank you for having a store where I can go that I know I will get the right size shoe, and terrific one on one service. ”
“The shoes I bought at Foot Solutions are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! The variety they carry is enormous, from sandals to dressy high heels and pumps for work! I have walked for 15 straight days all over Europe in them and have never grown tired! I gave away all my other shoes and will only buy what Foot Solutions carries! They even deliver them to my door if I can't come in to the store!! I am in love with the shoes and Foot Solutions!”
“I love the variety of manufacturer styles and colors that are offered. Everyone is very focused on ensuring the right shoe fit and style for the use intended. I won't buy my shoes anywhere else!”
“I have been coming to Foot Solutions in Long Beach for years. I really like the personal attention and the staff's knowledge of the shoes and what will fit my foot the best. They offer an exceptional product line that keeps me comfortable. It's the only place I buy my shoes. I'm on my feet all day as a physical therapist. The shoes last a long time so I don't need to buy as many pairs as I used to before I started shopping at Foot Solutions.”
"Excellent service, very tailored to the customer's individual needs. There is a very nice selection of shoes, ranging from very casual to athletic to more formal. Good padding on the inner soles. I found a pair of socks that will work well for me that I have not seen elsewhere."
“There is a very nice selection of shoes, ranging from very casual to athletic to more formal and good padding on the inner soles. I found a pair of socks that will work well for me that I have not seen elsewhere. Excellent service, very tailored to the customer's individual needs.”
“I went to Foot Solutions because I had some knee issues. As it turns out, wearing my 'cute' shoes with no arch support was adding to my problems. They evaluated my walk and pressure points and suggested different options. I purchased a nice pair of sandals with good support, an awesome pair of house slippers and arch supports that I can put in any of my shoes. What a difference it made! Later in the month, I took my friend who had the same problem with her knees and she purchased arch support inserts. There are nice people and well-trained staff at Foot Solutions in Glen Allen. Oh yeah, ladies, they do carry 'cute' shoes that are good for you.”
“They know how to analyze foot problems and provide solutions. The first time I visited the store, each step I took was painful. After analysis of my feet, I was shown at least 20 pairs of stylish shoes that offered the support that I needed. Within a few minutes of wearing the shoes my pain was reduced by about 95%. I have worn their shoes for over a year and now have no pain when walking.”
“After trying five different pairs of orthotics (from other sources) over the past year that aren't working, it was refreshing to hear another opinion about my feet issue that actually confirms what I've been saying all along. I was not rushed and I felt that I was "really" being listened to for a change. It was a very comfortable experience. I am looking forward to my new orthotics and have very high hopes that these will finally be the "right" ones. The fact that you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee was the reason I was willing to try what will be my sixth and, hopefully, last attempt at finding the right solution.”
“Now, there is no more wasting money on shoes online that aren't the best for my feet thanks to the personal help finding the best foot products for my particular feet. Prices are reasonable, especially in addition to all the customer service received.”
Very satisfied with the service and knowledge and would not go anywhere else.
The customer service is by far superior above any shoe store I’ve ever been to. Every time I know I will get the right solution for my feet and that I could count on getting my shoes adjusted after purchasing.
Serena Collins
“I have been buying my workout shoes and dressier (shopping/vacation) walking shoes at Foot Solutions for several years. The sales people are friendly and very knowledgeable. I have several foot problems, but they always have the perfect "solution." I have recommended Foot Solutions to several of my friends.”
“The shoes we purchased from Foot Solutions were just what we needed. The customer service was excellent. Jo was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient with us.”
My feet are happy! You go above and beyond to fit each person perfectly!.
My feet are happy! You go above and beyond to fit each person perfectly!.
“They have a fashionable, good selection of the best American and European footwear with choices that include eco-friendly materials and the value is good. It is my go to store. I often find educational tidbits from staff and am guided for a perfect fit to prevent injury or discomfort. They always go the extra mile, whether pointing out sale items or stretching a shoe for me. Also, I know they give back to the local and global communities, an admirable thing.”
“Since I've gotten my new shoes my feet have been feeling great. My feet don't hurt like they use to and I don't hop as much as I use to either. Getting these shoes was one of the best things I have ever done.”
“The sale associates are very friendly and knowledgeable. They take the time to explain everything to you and make sure you get the right fit. The products are excellent!”
“I appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable staff. April was very helpful. She measured my feet thoroughly, so I know I purchased shoes that fit well. The shoes I chose made my feet feel better immediately. No more cheap shoes for me! The quality of the products offered and the services provided are worth every penny.”

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