Why Your Shoes Could Be Hurting Your Back

Is there a connection between your shoes and aching back? Did you know that approximately 80 percent of people complain of back pain at some point, and half of all workers experience painful back symptoms every year, according to the American Chiropractic Association? And back pain is the number two condition that sends people to the doctor?

Most of us don’t realize how much footwear can affect our posture and gait—and potentially lead to back pain. This is true for people spend a lot of time spending, but any amount of time in the wrong shoes can create pain to the vertebrae and soft tissues in your back.

We don’t think about whether we’re walking correctly but walking the wrong way can eventually lead to sciatica, bulging discs, and pain and other degenerative spine problems.

The support that our shoes provide can impact the quality of our gait. And the movement of our feet impacts the rest of our body. Our arches can cause our feet to roll too far inward (“over-pronation” with low arches or flat feet) or outward (“under-pronation” with high arches)—both which trigger chain reaction that can cause lower back strain and pain.

Without the proper support, every step we take could be hurting our backs (as well as our feet, knees and hips). Even the kind of shoes we wear can play a role. High heels throw your body out of alignment, causing extra stress and strain on the lower back. Flip flops and some other styles of flat shoes have so little support that they can lead to painful arches, heels, ankles or knees. And trendy mules—which have zero support at the back of the foot—increase leg and lower back strain.

Fortunately, Foot Solutions can help. Our holistic foot analysis provides information about your unique foot dynamics—how you stand, walk, etc.—and can help to pinpoint issues that might be causing pain in your feet and/or other parts of your body.

Our stores are staffed with certified Pedorthists who conduct the foot analysis and recommend the best combination of foot supports and footwear to meet your individual needs. Schedule your FREE Holistic Foot Analysis today