Will Your Feet be Happy this Holiday Season?

Facebook Post Dec 11 2019 Will Your Feet be Happy this Holiday Season?

The holiday season often means long lines as you shop for those perfect gifts. It also means celebrating at parties, which can mean standing at parties in shoes that might look great but can lack support.

To get your feet holiday-ready, you want to get a thorough foot and balance assessment to provide the personalized support, comfort and style for the holiday season and beyond.

Arch supports can help provide your body with a strong foundation that not only relieves foot pain and pressure, but can help to improve your posture, balance, and overall body alignment. Custom arch supports are made from individual foot scans using modern computer technology. These scans go to our highly-trained experts, who map your feet to create individualized arch supports to address your specific problem or needs.

Our experts are also trained to determine your proper size (our foot size often varies over time) and to present high-quality supportive comfort footwear for all occasions.
Happy feet = Happier Holiday celebrations. Come to Foot Solutions today to see how we can help your feet get into the spirit of the season without pain!