Time Flies; Help Your Feet Keep Pace

shutterstock lady golfer in orange 1 1 1200x480 Time Flies; Help Your Feet Keep Pace

Daily life can take a heavy toll on our feet over the years. With 26 bones, our feet are one of our most complex body parts.  Aging cells can affect the collagen, tendons and ligaments in the feet, which can lead to bony growths, pain, and other issues. Longer lives mean more common overuse and joint injuries in our feet.

It’s more vital than ever to wear properly-fitted shoes, for support, balance and pain relief. Some of the most common foot issues that come with growing older are:

Bunions—painful, bony bumps on the outside of the big toe that develop over time. Tight footwear or high heels can lead to bunions.

Corns & Calluses—these thickened patches of dead skin form to protect sensitive areas might develop to the rubbing from ill-fitting shoes or other irritation.

Hammertoes—a toe that points upward instead of lying flat. This deformity is caused by weakened toe muscles putting pressures on the toe’s tendons and joints, which force the toe to become misshapen.

Thinning Fat Pads—The loss of fat pads on the bottom of our feet can make walking painful and decrease arch support.

Arthritis—In addition to 26 bones, the foot has 33 joints, which are at risk for the pain and limited mobility caused by osteoarthritis.

Heel pain—Can be caused by heel spurs—bony growths along the heel bone—or plantar fasciitis—where the ligament along the bottom of the foot becomes inflamed. Both can lead to pain while walking and standing.

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