Step Into 2020 On Your Best Feet Ever!

Step into 2020 1200x480 Step Into 2020 On Your Best Feet Ever!

Let’s step into the New Year—and new decade—on your best feet ever!

What do we mean by that?

Like the rest of our bodies, our feet change with time and use. In some ways, our feet bear the biggest brunt of our daily lives and activities, from our weight and size as we grow, to the hundreds of thousands of steps we take in our lifetimes.

Our feet truly work overtime to support us and keep us moving.

Feet that aren’t properly aligned can throw your body out of balance, causing pain and other issues.

We’re specialists in pain relief with the expertise to find the right support and footwear to relieve pain, restore body alignment, improve posture, and give you the energy and comfort to look and feel your best.

We understand the science of foot pain and relief, and can help minimize discomfort and relieve pain due to many conditions, including:

• Heel Pain
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Bunions
• Calluses
• Prolonged Standing
• Wide or Narrow Feet
• Unbalanced Posture
• Geriatric Conditions
• Achilles Tendonitis
• Diabetic Feet
• High Arches
• Low Arches
• No Arches
• Knee Pain
• Hip Pain
• Lower Back Pain
• Arthritis
• Foot Rotation
• Foot Trauma
• Workout Injuries
• Arch Pain
• Metatarsal Pain

We help you put your best feet forward with our:
• 7-Point Holistic Foot Analysis
• Expert Shoe Fittings
• Customized Arch Supports to assist with support, motion control, stability, and pain relief
• High-quality stylish comfort footwear, arch supports and accessories for work, dress, fitness, and leisure

Come in to get your new–or updated–foot analysis and step into the New Year better than ever!