How to Make Fitness Walking More Fun and Effective

Secrets of Successful Fitness Walking 750x480 How to Make Fitness Walking More Fun and Effective

Walking is one of the easiest, most effective and least expensive forms of exercise. With the rise in digital fitness trackers, walking is more popular than ever. The attitude we have about taking our steps is just as important as the activity itself!

If you drag yourself into a gym, or take a walk looking down at your feet, the value will decrease. Your body will get zero results if you stress about making time to exercise and never get around to it. The true value and benefits come from increasing your enjoyment level.

One way to enhance the enjoyment AND the benefits of fitness walking is to add Balance Walking poles. A few of the benefits include:

Your posture improves simply by holding the poles

Makes losing weight easier by making walking more comfortable and breathing more relaxed

Keeps your body in the fat-burning zone, burning up to 40% more fat than running

Burns calories at a faster pace than ordinary walking

Keeps the body aligned and the core engaged

Increases circulation by up to 22%, creating an enjoyable oxygen boost that feels good to your mind and body

Utilizes 90% of your body’s muscles

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