What Can Foot Supports Do For You?

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Blog Foot Supports Sept 2019 What Can Foot Supports Do For You?Why You Need Foot Supports

What You Wear Under Your Feet is the Most Important Part of Your Foundation

Foot Supports (also known as orthotics) are beneficial in so many ways. But why do we need them?

  1. You will walk more than 100,000 miles in your lifetime—equal to walking around the world more than four times.
  2. Over time, it’s common for the arches in our feet to weaken and even fall.
  3. With use and the changes of daily life (including weight changes, pregnancy, etc.) our feet often widen and even change size.
  4. Many of our bodies are out of alignment, which can lead to pain in our feet, heels, knees, hips and lower backs.
  5. Most of us wear shoes that aren’t designed for maximum support of our feet or our bodies.

The Benefits of Personalized Foot Supports

  • They support your foot and ankle to improve your balance, alignment, performance and comfort
  • By balancing your foot, a custom support is the first step to increased comfort. It equally distributes your weight and eases the stress of foot pain
  • Custom foot supports absorb shock and control the heel strike when you walk or run, making it easier and more comfortable to enjoy your favorite activities

Our Perfetto® foot supports offer full-arch contact and accommodative support calibrated specifically for your weight and foot type. They are crafted for optimal foot support and body alignment. By impacting the three phases of your gait cycle, your Perfettos® can help to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Ease movement
  • Increase energy
  • Strengthen balance
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce risk of injury for misalignment

Come to Foot Solutions for your personalized 7-Point Holistic Foot Analysis and expert fitting.