Are Your Feet Making Your Back Hurt?

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Your feet are complex structures. In the process of supporting your body and keeping you moving, they might cause pain in other parts of your body, including your lower back.

The leading cause of disability for Americans younger than 45 is back pain. Multiple studies show that 80% of adults are expected to have low back pain at some point. When the body’s support structure is weakened by age, occupation, poor posture, overall fitness, weight or other factors, the body works much harder to keep the feet, knees, hip and lower back functioning. And this can cause back pain and problems.

If your lower back pain is worse in one pair of shoes than another, or caused by walking barefoot, your feet might be the problem—especially if you have flat feet.  Some common foot problems connected to lower back pain include:

Pain in the low back can sometimes be caused by the foot over-pronating when the arch collapses, causing the foot to roll inward and the leg to rotate inward. This tilts the pelvis forward, increasing the lower back curvature, causing stiffness and pain in the lower back.

Using foot supports, known as orthotics, can often reduce or even eliminate lower back pain by supporting the arch of the foot, which corrects the foot and leg rotation.

It’s also essential to wear supportive footwear, and avoid high heels and flip flops, depending on your arches. Your Foot Solutions stores has experts on staff to help you with the foot supports and supportive footwear that might just be the key to relieving lower back pain.

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