5 Secrets of Successful Fitness Walking

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While there are many strategies to help you get moving, a secret ingredient is simply to enjoy your walk. At Foot Solutions we believe that walking regularly can help you live a longer and more comfortable life, so here are five tips to help you enjoy every step:

1. Take care of your feet. When heading out for a walk, make sure to wear comfortable socks and supportive shoes. Proper footwear will help to keep your body aligned as you move. Poor posture, or a gait that leans too much on the inside or outside of your feet, will keep you from enjoying the maximum benefits. 

2. Focus on your breathing. Breathing helps you get the most out of your walk. Breathing deeply into your abdomen encourages the full exchange of oxygen for the carbon dioxide that has built up in your bloodstream. According to the Harvard Medical School, not only does this help to slow your heart rate and stabilize blood pressure, but it also improves the flow of oxygen to your muscles. Deep breaths will help you to relax while you walk, and that will make the exercise feel easier.

3. Bring a water bottle. Drinking water is crucial to feeling good when you’re exercising. Drink a glass of water BEFORE your walk, take a water bottle to stay hydrated DURING your walk, and have another glass AFTER you finish. By the time your body feels thirst, you’re already starting to become dehydrated.

4. Find your purpose. Do you have trouble finding the motivation to be active? Training for a specific event, such as a walk for charity, can be a great way to get yourself up and moving. Sign up for a cause or event that inspires you and commit to the date—put it on the calendar and begin preparing! 

5. Try Balance Walking Nordic Poles. If you have difficulty moving because of an injury or health condition, walking poles are a good option to explore. If you have any painful areas, using walking poles can alleviate up to 33% of pressure on the feet and joints. The spring-loaded poles gently propel your body along, while helping you maintain a tight core. Even if you’re in perfect shape, adding poles can be beneficial as well, as they engage additional muscles to increase your cardiovascular activity.

As we get older, the metabolic cost—or the energy needed for movement–increases significantly. Recent studies suggest that active habits like regular walking can boost your metabolism and lower daily metabolic costs. The secret to getting the most benefit from your walk is to train your mind to tell your body that the walk is easy and enjoyable. Adding Balance Walking Nordic Poles decreases the perceived rate of exertion, making the walk feel easier.

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