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No two feet are the same – not even your left one and your right one. So properly caring for your feet begins with getting to know them – and you.

  • At Foot Solutions our experienced staff of Foot Care Specialists measure and evaluate every aspect of your feet, from length and width to how they distribute your weight when you walk and how they affect your posture and balance.
  • But we don’t stop there. We also take the time to get to know you and your goals – whether it’s getting better at a sport, having fun with your kids, or simply not being dog tired at the end of the work day.

Then, once we know all that, we can help you choose from a wide selection of stylish, top quality shoes, accessories, custom Perfetto™ inserts and other accommodative arch supports. We even make modifications right in the store to make sure the fit is perfect.

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Foot Solutions is a leading international retailer specializing in personalized assessments, stylish high performance footwear, custom-fitted, custom-crafted arch supports and accessories designed to help individuals live pain free comfortably. With more than 150 stores in 14 countries, Foot Solutions is the world’s largest health and wellness franchise organization focused on foot health and other physical conditions that can impair mobility.

Feel great from the ground up

Feet First.

It all starts with your feet, an amazingly complex arrangement of bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles. Your feet are the foundation of your body and, in many ways, your life. When your feet are healthy and well supported you can stride through life with a smile. But even small problems with your feet can cause bigger problems all over- from back, hip and knee pain to constant nagging tiredness – and keep you from doing the things you love to do. It’s sad to say, many people think pain and fatigue are just a normal part of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible to end the pain, rejuvenate your sole – and really start feeling good again.

Walk away from Pain

Feet aren’t supposed to hurt.

Nobody sets out to buy shoes that don’t fit right, but mistakes are easy to make. Maybe they were the perfect color…or on a sale you couldn’t pass up. Or maybe they promised good support but just didn’t come through for you. So you end up wincing every time you stand up – and possibly causing serious problems to your feet and other parts of your body. There’s simply no substitute for shoes and accessories that fit your feet and your lifestyle. Shoes that fit right and give you the support you need can end the pressure, pinching, and rubbing that lead to painful conditions like bunions, blisters and heel pain. And, if you already have problems like these – or other conditions like hammer toes, arch strain or overlapping toes – they can help ease the pain.

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All of our stores are locally owned and operated by members of your community that are dedicated to giving back at a local level. As a company, we fulfill the mission locally and nationally through commitments to programs such as Wounded Warriors, American Diabetes Association and Soles4Souls. Foot Solutions works closely with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and is a founding partner of Operation Enduring Opportunity, an organization that supports veteran-owned businesses and actively trains veterans for employment and ownership opportunities.


Your feet and how you walk are unique to you. At Foot Solutions you’ll never have to fit yourself or guess at a solution. Our experts are trained in foot and gait biomechanics, shoe construction, the fitting of shoes and arch supports and the appropriate care for all types of feet. We carry a wide range of comfort footwear and a selection of shoes for all of your daily needs from casual, work and dress to athletic, medical and therapeutic.