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About Our Store

At Foot Solutions Scottsdale, our focus is on you, and on helping you find footwear that's right for your feet and your lifestyle.

Our entire team is carefully trained to evaluate your feet and identify any problems or potential problems. If your feet hurt, we'll find out why. And if you're simply looking for more energy and better comfort we'll learn what you need to make that happen.

Then, once we know all that, we'll recommend solutions from our wide selection of shoes, arch supports and accessories that are customized for your feet and your concerns.

We're pleased to have served Scottsdale and delighted to have made so many friends here. We take pride in our expertise and experience and in the stylish, beautifully crafted shoes we offer. But what matters most to owner Sue Orischak, C. Ped and every member of our team is your comfort and satisfaction.

If you're one of our longtime friends, welcome to our web site. We hope you find it helpful.

And, if you haven't visited Scottsdale yet, we hope you'll stop by. Or, if you'd like to make sure a team member is waiting to serve you, simply call (480) 664-3450 to arrange an appointment. Our hours are listed below, but if another time is more convenient for you, we'll be happy to arrange it.

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Sue Orischak, C. Ped and the entire staff of Scottsdale